Saturday, July 22, 2006

Music download Safety Tips

Free music download sites sound great, right? Maybe, but be sure to consider the risks. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns that peer to peer file sharing can expose you to a number of threats.

For example, when connected to a file sharing program, many people unknowingly download material that is copyrighted and find themselves involved with legal issues by the RIAA or MPAA. And if the copyright lawsuit risks are not worrisome enough, getting free mp3 downloads using file sharing software often exposes you to viruses, spyware, pornography, hackers, spoofing and online privacy risks.

Safety Tips When Using Free Music Download Sites Includes:

  • Using anti-virus software to defend your computer from viruses you might get up from other users through the file sharing program.

  • Always keeping your anti-virus software updated with the latest definitions.

  • Being aware of mislabeled files. Peer to peer files downloaded online are often mislabeled on purpose because the file is hiding a virus, spyware or other unwanted content like porn.

  • Anti-virus software does not always catch dangerous files, and therefore, online security experts suggest you avoid files with extensions like .exe, .scr, .dll, .lnk, .bat, .vbs, .bin, and .cmd.

  • Always closing your connection. Many times simply closing the file sharing site window will not turn off your network connection.
Also, many file sharing programs open automatically when your computer is turned on. This means that because your file sharing connection is "always on" anyone using the same sharing connection will have access to your computer files at any time.

So as a safety precaution, you can change the free music download site controls to stop the file sharing program from opening automatically. And remember, the best way to get safe music downloads online is to download music legally using a legal music site.


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